Debt is everywhere.

It’s like a disease that’s hard to get rid of.

Your friends have it. Your family has it. You have it.

It means worries, upsets and interpersonal relationship problems which can lead to very serious life situations.

Debt was easy to get into. 

But, not so easy to get out of.

I noticed that we tend to worry more about things we don’t understand.

You might be worried about your debts. 


Here's the eBook I wrote, Debt Relief Secrets, and it has information you will need to help you with your debt.  

It's $7.00 and will be one of the best purchases you can make. You will understand all about debt.

Recently, I talked to a lady with $35,000 of debt who had turned her debt problems over to a debt counseling program. She had no idea what they were doing or what she had gotten herself into.

She read my book and here's what she said:

"The Debt Relief Secrets book is very easy to read and understand. It woke me up about my problem and gave me ways to get out of it. 
In school, I got very little information about money and debts. What I did get was confusing. I've read other books about debt, but by far, this was the easiest to read, understand and the most thorough. 
I strongly recommend reading this book!" KB

Here's another reader of Debt Relief Secrets and here's what she had to say:

 "Anyone who is looking into getting a credit card or is already in credit card debt should read this book. I feel now that I can take on my debt and get out of it. My hope has come back and all I needed was some simple information. Thank you Doug for writing this book and getting the data out there. It is definitely helping me and will help my husband to get out of the trap."  ER
Here's some of the topics in the book, Debt Relief Secrets,  

Secret #1:  How to avoid making the wrong move with your unsecured debt that could cost you thousands of dollars (page 14)

Secret #2:  Why your debt doesn’t go down much after you make a payment - a “hidden in plain sight” bank fee. (page 18)

Secrete #3:  What is the statute of limitations for paying your debts and what does that really mean? (page 32)

Secret #4:  What is the most common missing ingredient that makes debt become a real problem? (page 34)

Secret #5:  What are the 6 ways of getting out of debt and which one is right for you? (page 36)

Secret #6:  Should you be worrying about your credit if you are too far in debt? What’s the first step - fix your debt or your credit? (page 48)

Secret #7:  What do you do when your creditors keep calling? (page 52)

Secret #8:  Can your creditors take away everything you own? (page 53)

Secret #9:  What can my creditors do to me? (page 57)

Secret #10:  Are you sure this will work (the chosen route to getting out of debt)? (page 59)


If you have any worry or concern about your debts, this is the book to read.

It comes from 38 years of experience dealing with creditors, handling client’s debts, including their worries and concerns - 22 of my years and an additional 38 years from my mentor.

You might as well take advantage of this offer since it’s only $7.00.

That means that for $7.00, you get knowledge about the debt industry that took decades of experience, both trial and error, to put together.

My car repair friend knows how to fix a car because he has knowledge and experience.

You will know how to start fixing your debt situation because you will have knowledge and my experience.


Buying and reading this book will give you knowledge which gives you a sense of well being. 

It’s an easy to read book because I wrote it to be easy to read. 

In a world of finances that seems so complex, this book will make the debt problem understandable.

Knowledge is your answer.

Buy the book and start experiencing some relief. Even though the problem still exists, you’ll better know what to do about it.

Simply click on the button below, fill out the form and the book is yours for just $7.00

You will have instant access to it and I think when you start reading it, you are going to feel more relaxed about you problem. 

You’ll know what to do and can start taking the right steps to handle the problem with certainty.

That means, your peace of mind is right around the corner.

Everyone will start winning when you do.

Buy the book and let’s get out of debt.  
                                                                    CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR DEBT RELIEF SECRETS BOOK!

Doug Stevens

PS. You can always contact me directly about your debts. I will be glad to help you. Send me an email at and let me know what the problem is. We can arrange a call. After over 22 years of working with people in debt, I’m pretty good at helping find the right answer for you.

PSS. If Debt Relief Secrets does not give you the help you need, email me at and I will return your money, no questions asked - guaranteed! 

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